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Why Your Body’s Composition Matters More than Your Weight

CJ Wehrkamp
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant
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Let’s change how we think about being healthy! Nowadays, many people think that being healthy means being a certain weight. But that’s not true. This way of thinking can make us feel bad about how we look and forget about important things like muscles and body fat. This can hurt how we feel in our minds and how our bodies work. We need to change how we see being fit. It’s not just about weight. It’s about what our bodies are made of, like muscles and fat. This new way of thinking can make us healthier and happier.

Why We Need to Change

In the “The SCALE is a Liar!!” podcast, I dive deep into this problem in detail. I explain why we need to change how we think about our weight. The usual ways we measure fitness, like only looking at weight, can be confusing and not good for us. I suggest a better way to think about fitness. It’s not just about weight but also about what our bodies are made of. This helps us know our bodies better and make smarter choices for our health and fitness.

Why Body Composition Matters

Many people think that losing weight is the same as being fit. But that’s not true. Being fit is not just about being a certain weight. It’s also about having strong muscles, which help you do things every day and keep you healthy. If you have too much fat in your body, it can lead to health problems like heart disease and diabetes. So, to know if you’re really fit, you should look at what your body is made of – how much fat and how much muscle you have.

InBody Scan Benefits

One of the key tools in this transformative approach is our InBody Scan, a machine that accurately measures body fat and muscle composition.

By using the InBody Scan, you can see how much fat and muscle you have in your body. This helps you make better choices about what you eat, how you exercise, and how you live. It’s like having a map of your body that guides you to be healthier.

Unlike a traditional scale, which provides a one-dimensional view of progress, the InBody Scan offers a comprehensive analysis of your entire body. It takes into account the amount of body fat and muscle mass, empowering you, along with the expert guidance of our amazing Fit Body Boot Camp Coaches, to make informed decisions about your health and fitness.

To experience the InBody Scan benefits firsthand, visit Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp. We offer this non-invasive, quick, and highly accurate test, which provides a detailed breakdown of your body composition.

Feel Better and Take Control Today

So, stop letting the scale tell you how to feel about yourself. Our value isn’t determined by the number on the scale. Being truly healthy and feeling good about ourselves depends on more than just that number. If we change how we think about it, we can be healthier and happier.The InBody machine is a great tool that helps us change how we think about fitness.

Instead of just looking at weight, it shows us what our bodies are made of. To start this journey, you can schedule an InBody scan at Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp. Knowing more about your body can help you make better choices and live a healthier, happier life. It’s time to think about health in a new and better way.

Join us for a one-week FREE trial at Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp! We’ll help you on this journey to feel better about yourself and be more confident. Try us out, no strings attached.


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