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Episode 48 - Developing an Unstoppable Mindset!

048. Developing an UNSTOPPABLE Mindset!

Picture having the strength to overcome any obstacle and make every setback a step toward success. Join us and I’ll share five key strategies to change how you tackle goals, failures, and life.

047. Mega Strong Fitness

047. Mega Strong Fitness

Discover how a single mom could turn her passion for fitness into a thriving online community. Let Megan and Dirk from Mega Strong Fitness guide you through their incredible journey of building a fitness empire amid the pandemic’s challenges. Their story is not just about workouts and weightlifting; it’s a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the power of a supportive community.

Episode 46 - Together we can fight to end Human Trafficking!

046. Together we can fight to end Human Trafficking!

This week, we’re putting our muscles to work in a different way, channeling the energy of every squat and press into a fight against human trafficking. There’s a strength in numbers, and with every push-up and plank, we’re showing that our community isn’t just about building better bodies—it’s about building a better world.

Fortitude Found: A Deep Dive into the 75 Hard Transformation

045. Fortitude Found: A Deep Dive into the 75 Hard Transformation

Have you ever felt like you were going nowhere, both in your body and mind? That’s how Waylon felt until he faced the 75 Hard program. It changed him into someone disciplined and focused. Waylon’s journey shows how being consistent is key. Getting healthy isn’t quick; it’s a long journey with challenges along the way.

044. Why I Opened Fit Body Boot Camp

044. Why I Opened Fit Body

From being out of shape to owning Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp has been quite a journey for me. Back in high school, I was the kid who wasn’t in the best shape and lacked confidence. Little did I know that my first visit to a gym with a friend would ignite a passion for fitness in me that has continued to this day.

043. Emily's Hope

043. Emily’s Hope

Listen as Angela shares the delicate balance between discipline and compassion and the importance of fitness in managing the emotional whirlpool that follows the loss of a loved one. 

Episode 41 - How Liz lost 100lbs!!!

041. How Liz lost 100 pounds!!!

When Liz Fladmark decided to confront her weight head-on, she didn’t just embark on a diet; she signed up for a life-altering odyssey.

Episode 40 - Meal Prep Made Easy!

040. Meal Prep Made Easy!

Struggling with meal prepping? You’re not alone. Listen as we lay out the strategies and benefits of meal prepping, inspired by the expertly crafted Costco meal prep guide from the Fit Body Boot Camp team. Say goodbye to the overwhelming decisions and hello to nutritious, bulk-bought meals that are delicious and family-friendly.

Episode 39: Sweat, Smiles & Support From The Ones You Love Most!

039. Sweat, Smiles & Support From The Ones You Love Most!

Whether it’s celebrating the small victories or learning the secret language of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), we’re in this together. So tune in, cozy up, and let’s transform your health and fitness journey into a partnership that’s built to last.

Episode 38: Fitness Trivia!!

038. Fitness Trivia!!

Brace yourselves for a quirky trip down memory lane as we explore the untold tales and trivia of fitness culture. Share the fun with friends and test each other’s trivia prowess; this episode is set to be a delightful workout for your brain!