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058. Biz Insider: Sioux Falls Hapkido and Judo w/ Scooby

058. Biz Insider: Sioux Falls Hapkido and Judo

Unlock the secrets of Hapkido and Judo as we explore the transformative journey of Scooby, also known as Ryan, who took the reins of the Sioux Falls Hapkido and Judo Club from Master Jeho Sam. Learn how this thriving club grew from a humble start with just eight students to a bustling community of 50 to 60 dedicated martial artists.

057. There is NO Magic Pill!??

057. There is NO Magic Pill!??

What if there was a secret cheat code to achieving your fitness goals? Spoiler alert: it’s not a magic pill, but the consistent actions you take every day. Join us on this episode and learn why focusing on your own progress and making realistic commitments is the true path to success.

056. moveHER Money

056. Biz Insider: moveHER Money

Imagine conquering a mountain of debt that nearly reaches the million-dollar sky—that’s precisely the voyage my friend Sarah Kurtenbach embarked on, eventually founding move Her Money to share her wisdom.

055. Solitude to Strength: Mastering Health and Happiness

055. Solitude to Strength: Mastering Health and Happiness

In this episode I introduce you to Jacob Lewis, a pastor and Fit Body client. We dive into a heart-to-heart on the silent epidemic of loneliness and its surprising link to health and fitness. Listen along as we chat about how friendships not only enrich our lives but become the bedrock for maintaining our wellbeing.

054. Meet Me At The Murph!!

054. Meet Me At The Murph!!

I’m thrilled to invite you to a special episode that’s all about breaking through barriers, both physical and mental. Gear up and join me for the monumental Murph Challenge at Fit Body Boot Camp this May 27th — and don’t worry, no gym membership is required to stand shoulder to shoulder with us as we honor the legacy of Lieutenant Michael Murphy.

053. Inside Look: Dance Fitness & Herbal Artisan

053. Inside Look: Dance Fitness & Herbal Artisan

Get ready to unleash your inner rhythm and zest for life as we catch up with my dear friend Janelle, a dynamo in dance fitness who’s transforming the game with her Fly Dance Fitness program, Throwdown. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or have two left feet, Janelle’s infectious spirit will inspire you to move in new ways, proving that getting fit can be an absolute blast.

052. Biz Insider: Send Out Cards w/ Mike Limmer

052. Biz Insider: Send Out Cards

Our latest episode invites you to join the warm and inspiring exchange between Mike and myself, as we unravel the significance of nurturing genuine connections in this digital age.

051 - Mockies Mocktails

051. Mockies Mocktails

Meet Dustin, the innovative force behind Mockies Mocktails, who made that very transition. Get ready to be whisked away on a journey that proves creativity and entrepreneurship can blend as smoothly as the perfect mocktail.

050 - SUCCESS is your responsibility: Use the 4 step framework to win in life!

050. SUCCESS is Your Responsibility

We’re peeling back the layers of what it truly means to achieve your life goals, challenging the notion that success is a one-size-fits-all concept.

049 - 605 Running with Greg Koch

049. Biz Insider: 605 Running w/ Greg Koch

Have you ever laced up your sneakers, but hesitated to call yourself a runner? My conversation with Greg Koch from 605 Running Company will change that hesitation into a badge of pride. We tackle the mental game of running, breaking down barriers that keep many from experiencing the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes with the sport.

Episode 48 - Developing an Unstoppable Mindset!

048. Developing an UNSTOPPABLE Mindset!

Picture having the strength to overcome any obstacle and make every setback a step toward success. Join us and I’ll share five key strategies to change how you tackle goals, failures, and life.

047. Mega Strong Fitness

047. Mega Strong Fitness

Discover how a single mom could turn her passion for fitness into a thriving online community. Let Megan and Dirk from Mega Strong Fitness guide you through their incredible journey of building a fitness empire amid the pandemic’s challenges. Their story is not just about workouts and weightlifting; it’s a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the power of a supportive community.