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009. Changing Your Perspective to Overcome Obstacles

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Ever stumbled upon an everyday occurrence that left you chuckling yet surprisingly introspective? That’s exactly what happened to me when a bike seat mysteriously appeared outside my office. It was an odd sight, but it got me pondering deeply about gratitude and perspective, laughing at life’s little quirks yet recognizing the lessons behind them. 

Ever heard of the three C’s? Nope, not the three little pigs, but the three C’s that could help you overcome life’s hurdles – cope, control, and concentrate. Tune in as we dissect these concepts, utilizing our comical bike seat incident as a launch pad. Plus, we’ll also introduce you to our free groups aimed at helping you live fit and healthy. Join us for a dose of humor, insight, and practical tools to transform your everyday life. Let’s laugh, learn and transform together!