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019. Finding Joy In The Journey!

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Ever thought you have to give up your favorite dessert to get fit? Not on my watch! Through this podcast episode, we’ll tackle the challenges of achieving health and fitness goals, underscore the necessity of celebrating small victories, and explore how you can still enjoy your favorite foods without guilt. We’ll take you through the journey of transforming from an all-or-nothing mindset to a more balanced approach.

What if you could enjoy a juicy burger without the guilt trip afterward? We’ll discuss the importance of developing a healthier relationship with food, and shifting away from the mentality of avoiding certain foods completely. The goal is to cultivate self-control, portion control, and acknowledge that our unhealthy relationships with food often stem from our avoidance of certain foods. We’ll share practical tips on how to strike that balance, ensuring you satisfy your cravings while simultaneously working towards your health and fitness objectives. 

Fitness isn’t just about hitting the gym, it’s also about embracing a lifestyle that supports your goals. We’ll guide you on how to stay on track, listen to your body, and allow yourself some grace along the way. As we progress, we’ll discuss my golden rule of not letting more than three days pass without a workout, understanding the importance of hydration and rest, and staying positive throughout your journey. Remember, health and fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s take each step together towards our goals. Tune in, and let’s start making those victories, one Pizuki at a time!